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The Bruno mattress guide: our tips for the ideal mattress

We spend around a third of our lives in bed, which is why a high-quality and fitting mattress is crucial. It has a significant influence on the quality of our sleep and, as we all know, healthy sleep is one of the most important factors for our wellbeing. In addition to health considerations, it is also crucial that a mattress fits to your individual lifestyle. Finding the right mattress can often be confusing. We provide tips to help you find the exact mattress size that perfectly fits your sleeping habits.

You should ask yourself these questions:

How big is your bedroom?
Do you sleep more alone or as a couple? Maybe with a child or pet?
Which type of sleeper are your or your partner? Do you move a lot during sleep?
Will your bed be in the bedroom or perhaps in the living room?
Is your bed just a place to sleep or do you like to spend a little more time in it on the weekends?

The Bruno mattress
The mattress for teens

The mattress size 80x200 is a popular single mattress for those who have slowly outgrown their first bed, and therefore is often used for children's and teen's beds. Very often the mattress is used for 160x200 beds in a duo. This is especially convenient when the needs for a mattress differ.

To the 80x200 mattress
The Bruno mattress
The mattress for singles

The 90x200 size is a great choice for solo sleepers. It offers enough space to spread out comfortably. We also recommend this size for children of primary school age and above, as they tend to move around more during the night.

To the 90x200 mattress
The Bruno mattress
The mattress for wrigglers

The mattress in 100x200 is the single mattress that offers the most space. It is perfect for active sleepers or for people who like to spread out a bit in bed.

To the 100x200 mattress
The Bruno mattress
The mattress for singles or couples

The 140x200 mattress is suitable for solo sleepers who want to spread out comfortably, but also for couples who have limited space in the bedroom. We also recommend this size for children from high school age as they usually move during the night.

To the 140x200 mattress
The Bruno mattress
The mattress for couples

The mattress size 160x200 is suitable for anyone who has adequate space in the bedroom and wants a larger bed. It provides enough space for couples and more than enough space as a single bed. The 160x200 size mattress is suitable for couples with a child or a pet, and still relatively compact compared to a 180 mattress.

To the 160x200 mattress
The Bruno mattress
The mattress for couples or families

The mattress in 180x200 is becoming an increasingly popular choice over classic double beds. This size offers more room especially for couples who like to spread out during sleep or those who sleep with a child.

To the 180x200 mattress
The Bruno mattress
The mattress for families

The mattress in 200x200 is the largest available at Bruno. It is perfect for children or pets who like to join you in bed at night. The whole family can make themselves comfortable in one bed. If the the size of the room can accommodate it, we recommend a mattress with a width of 200 cm for families.

To the 200x200 mattress

More questions? Here you can find further information about the Bruno mattress

Bruno mattresses are made to EU size measurements. A standard UK double bed is 135 cm x 190 cm whereas a EU double is slightly larger at 140 cm x 200 cm. This applies to all mattress sizes in the EU compared to UK measurements.Therefore it is suggested to double check your bed frame size before ordering a Bruno mattress.

As the mattress base of the Bruno mattress is so deep, the mattress can be combined with almost any slatted frame. That is the advantage of high-quality mattresses - they can be combined with cheap slatted frames without any problems. The only thing you have to make sure of is that the slats are not too far apart. As a rule, slatted frames are only available up to a width of 140 cm. This means that from 160 cm you have to use two narrow slatted frames.

No, it doesn't matter what type of sleeper you are when choosing the width of your mattress. Thanks to the 7-zone design of the Bruno mattress, your back will always be optimally supported, no matter what position you sleep in. But having more space is of course always nice for every sleeper.

With a core height of 20 cm, the mattress offers comfort for people between 50 kg and 110 kg, which equals a total load of 220 kg.

Mattresses last approx. 10 years. In case of stains, mould or dents, the mattress should of course be replaced sooner. In case of lower quality and a non-removable cover, a replacement is necessary after 5 to 7 years. We also recommend turning and rotating the mattress once a month and washing the mattress cover regularly.

Since there are no official hardness grades, but rather the hardness grades H2, H3 and H4 can be freely selected by manufacturers, this classification is not really indicative. It is much more important that you personally sleep well on the mattress and do not sink too much. If you take the market average into account, the Bruno mattress can be described as medium-firm.

You can find more answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

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