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You can easily add the assembly to your order for €50 - €100 (depending on the product type). We currently only offer to take your old sofa with you. Simply select this option during the ordering process.

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Questions & answers about our products

The Bruno Ottoman bed

Our Ottoman bed provides a perfectly coordinated sleep system, offering optimal sleep comfort. The solid wood frame and slats are made of European timber, we use over 1,000 thermally tempered pocket springs in the bed base and up to 2,750 springs in the mattress for the Bruno Ottoman bed. That's up to 3,750 springs in an entire bed. This design ensures durability, good ventilation and the conservation of natural resources. The Bruno Ottoman bed also has an impressive timeless design and has been awarded the German Design Award twice already (2018 and 2020). Through outstanding quality combined with fair and transparent prices, Bruno offers excellent value for money.

All our beds are currently available with a length of 200cm, we currently do not stock extra-long beds.

The Bruno Ottoman bed is suitable for people who weigh between 50 kilograms and 110 kilograms. In total, it can withstand a maximum load of 250 kilograms.

The Bruno mattress adapts itself to the body perfectly thanks to the innovative combination of the custom-engineered BrunoX® speciality foam core and the 2,750 micro springs. This allows for excellent point-elasticity, regardless of body weight. The high-quality pocket spring core with 7-zone structure in the box spring box guarantees exact support and provides the perfect basis for the mattress.

In general, we always recommend a full-length mattress. Thanks to the Bruno® speciality foam, our beds have no real problem with transferring body weights, as long as there is no extreme weight difference between the two occupants. Furthermore, having a full-length mattress ensures a cohesive appearance.

Yes, the Bruno Ottoman bed can also be used without a headboard since it is not a load-bearing part of the bed and nor does it affect the comfort of the bed. Please order the ‘Compact’ headboard if you want to achieve a minimalistic look since it ends at the height of the mattress.

It is very easy to clean the mattress cover with a little distilled water and a cotton cloth if it is lightly dirtied in some places. Should the mattress cover become more heavily soiled, it can be washed at 60 °C. The fabric covering the box (valance) can be washed by hand without any problems.

Most standard sheets will fit the Bruno Ottoman bed . We recommend that you pay special attention to the height of the bed if you decide to purchase new sheets. There are specially designed sheets for mattress toppers up to 9 cm high as well as for extra high mattresses (approx. 24 cm).

Thanks to its stable construction and solid wood frame, the box spring can support up to 250 kg in total.

Our solid wood feet are just as stable and strong as our metal feet.

For good ventilation, the box-spring bed should not be set up without legs, as this prevents air circulation. Moreover, it is not possible to set up the bed without legs because there is a "crocodile clip" under the bed that holds the two boxes together.

For uncomplicated set-up, the headboard of the Ottoman bed is already fully upholstered and cannot be removed.

The odour is the new smell of the foam in the mattress. It is best to let the mattress air out for 2-3 hours first, then the odour should have largely disappeared. It should disappear completely over the next few days.

The Bruno sofa bed

Our sofa bed with box spring technology combines functionality with straightforward design. Thanks to the easy-action, patented folding mechanism, the sofa bed can be unfolded in just 15 seconds. It also features durable zigzag suspension and around 675 pocket springs, which guarantee an outstanding sleeping experience with Ottoman bed comfort. Using solid European timber frames provides long-lasting stability and premium quality.
When it comes to aesthetics, the Bruno sofa bed is equally impressive: thanks to its well-balanced proportions and straightforward design, it won the 2020 German Design Award. Outstanding quality and an excellent value for money are what set the Bruno sofa bed apart from the rest.

The cover of the sofa bed cannot be removed, only the covers of the cushions can be removed and washed.

For the most part, yes. You only have to screw on the two side parts. Eight Allen screws, washers, and a wrench are supplied for this purpose. If you choose the metal feet for the "Classic" armrest version, these are also attached with Allen screws and a wrench. The wooden feet, on the other hand, are simply screwed into existing holes. The assembly takes about 20 minutes and can easily be done without the need for special technical know-how. If desired, the assembly can also be booked as an additional service in the order process.

The Bruno sofa bed is designed with excellent sleep comfort in mind. In fact, many of our customers have decided to make it their permanent sleep solution. If you intend to use the sofa bed as your long-term sleep solution, we recommend the Bruno mattress topper for added comfort.

The Bruno sofa bed has a storage space located under the seat. It is designed to store the two sofa cushions when the bed is folded out, but not when it is folded in. The storage space is too small to accommodate the topper or bulky bedding.

The sofa beds are upholstered using hard-wearing fabrics and require little maintenance. You can remove small spots of dirt easily with a little distilled water and a cotton cloth. We would recommend using a fabric brush to remove dirt from the blue velvet fabric. When doing so, make sure to always work in the direction of the fabric's grain.

Due to the finish and the use of solid wood, the Bruno sofa bed can support more weight than other sofa beds. We recommend that the sofa bed be used by a person weighing up to 120 kg and a total of 220 kg when used by 2 people.

The Bruno corner sofa

The Bruno corner sofa seamlessly combines the convenience of a conventional sofa bed with the comfort of a cosy lounging space. Experience real bed-like comfort thanks to the innovative Bruno box spring technology which merges functionality with sleek design. The incorporation of European solid wood frames guarantees longevity and exceptional quality.

Yes, the adjustable chaise longue can be easily attached to both sides of the sofa bed and can also be swapped again, regardless of which size or armrests you have chosen.

The corner sofa consists of 3 primary components which can be easily assembled in just a few steps. These components include main sofa bed body, the recamier and your preferred armrests. Customise the sofa by choosing which side you attach the recamier to and which armrests fit your taste. You can select from three distinctive armrest styles: slim, classic or cube.
Once you've secured the feet in place, the sofa bed body and the recamier seamlessly come together using an adapter and a total of four screws. Likewise, the armrests are affixed using four screws each, ensuring a stable and well-constructed sofa that perfectly suits your preferences.

You can dowload the complete assembly instructions here .

The cover of the corner sofa cannot be removed, only the cushion covers can be removed and washed.

Absolutely! The Bruno corner sofa offers a convenient storage solution right in the accompanying recamier. This nifty storage space is ideal for stashing away items like the Bruno topper, bed linens, storage boxes, or anything else you don't need on a daily basis.
The storage capacity varies depending on the size of the recamier. For the 160cm length recamier, you'll have 143 litres of storage at your disposal, while the 200cm length version provides a generous 185 litres of storage space. So, not only does the Bruno corner sofa provide comfort and style, but it also helps you stay organized and clutter-free.

The Bruno corner sofa is covered with robust and hard-wearing upholstery fabrics which require little care. When it comes to dealing with light, occasional stains, a simple solution is all you need – a touch of distilled water and a gentle wipe with a cotton cloth will work wonders. Keeping your Bruno sofa looking its best has never been easier.

The Bruno corner sofa is offered in both 2-seater and 3-seater configurations, with the recamier adding an extra seat in each option. This is because the corner sofa is specifically designed to complement our classic sofa bed. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose the length of the recamier, which is conveniently available in 160 cm and 200 cm sizes. It's important to note that the armrests also come in varying widths: the classic and cube versions are each 20 cm wide, while the slim armrests are just 10 cm wide. Furthermore, the dimensions will vary depending on the configuration you select, and you can find detailed information regarding these variations in our product specifications. Dimensions

The Bruno upholstered bed

Our Bruno upholstered bed impresses with its sleek look and luxurious upholstery. It consists of three individual components that can be combined: the solid wood slatted base, the Bruno mattress and the topper. As a result, the bed is characterised by an individual and luxurious look and is particularly comfortable thanks to the comfortable upholstery.

At first glance, due to the covering of the bed frame and headboard, the two bed types hardly differ. However, the composition differs greatly: the box spring consists of a sprung base, and the boxes on which the mattress rests. The upholstered bed, on the other hand, consists of three separate components: the adjustable slatted base, the Bruno mattress and the optional Bruno topper.

Matching upholstery in the desired colour (light grey or dark grey) is included with the bed frame. This is fitted over the bed frame during assembly. Details can be found in the assembly instructions

The upholstered bed is fitted with a 7-zone slatted base. Made of FSC-certified solid wood, and the slatted base is the perfect match for the Bruno mattress.

The Bruno topper is suitable for anyone who likes to sleep softly. It provides extra comfort and a more enjoyable sleeping experience. This is why we recommend a topper, but you can also sleep comfortably on the Bruno mattress without a topper.

Our upholstered bed consists of a firm textile with a wear resistance of 90,000 Martindale. It can be easily dusted and cleaned with a hoover. The easiest way to remove small, stains is with a little distilled water and a cotton cloth. The cover of the Bruno mattress can be machine-washed at 60°.

The upholstered bed is available in four different sizes: 140 x 200 cm, 160 x 200 cm, 180 x 200 cm, 200 x 200 cm.

The upholstered bed can support up to 250 kg without any problems.

For an uncomplicated assembly, the headboard of the upholstered bed is already finished and cannot be dismantled.

Bruno chair bed

Thanks to a width of 70cm, the Bruno sofa bed offers enough space for one person to sleep comfortably on it. The 325 pocket springs provide the usual Bruno box spring comfort and ensure a good night's sleep.

Our chair bed with bed function is a multifunctional piece of furniture and ideal for saving space. The sleeping surface has the usual Bruno box spring comfort, and is enough space for one person to sleep. We therefore recommend our Bruno sofa bed mainly as a guest bed.

Currently, the Bruno sleeping chair is offered in five colours: light grey, dark grey, turquoise, beige and blue. All fabric varieties are highly durable furniture fabrics with a wear resistance of at least 81,000 Martindale. There are three armrest variants to choose from: classic, cube and slim. With the wider cube armrests, the sleeping chair is 110 cm wide and in the narrow version 90 cm.

The chair bed is lined with robust furniture fabrics and requires no special maintenance. The easiest way to remove small, localised stains is with a little distilled water and a cotton cloth.

When extended, the seat cushion of the sleeping chair can be stored perfectly inside the chair.

The chair is delivered by 2-person delivery in one package. It requires no assembly and is immediately ready for use.

Extended and folded, the chair has a maximum load of 125 kg.

There is currently no Bruno topper in 70 cm width. All our toppers can be found here here find.

The bed chest

With its stable and high-quality construction, the Bruno bed chest is suitable as a storage option and as a seat.

The Bruno bed chest is delivered by 2-person handling and carried to the room of choice. You can use the bed chest immediately, it does not need to be assembled.

The Bruno toppers in widths of 140cm and 160cm can be easily stored in the bed chest. Simply choose the corresponding Bruno chest in 140cm or 160cm.

The bed chest is covered both outside and inside with high-quality upholstery fabric in the desired colour (dark grey, light grey, blue, turquoise or beige).

The Bruno Berlin metal bed

The Bruno ‘Berlin’ metal bed has a striking, clear and minimalist design. Manufactured using robust quality steel, this bed is both durable and sturdy with an elegant matt black finish. Thanks to its innovative design, the metal bed can be easily assembled in just 15 minutes.

No, since either one or two functional slat rolls are supplied free of charge on delivery.

The ‘Berlin’ bed is made of high-quality steel that is formed and hardened through exposure to extreme heat (1200 °C). This is followed by a cooling process that makes the ‘Berlin’ bed extremely strong and durable. Another support leg in the middle of the construction provides increased stability and better weight distribution. As a result, the ‘Berlin’ bed can withstand a total of up to 250 kilograms (incl. mattress).

In principle, any mattress can work with the ‘Berlin’ bed. However, we strongly recommend the Bruno mattress, as it moulds perfectly to your body thanks to the BrunoX® speciality foam and provides ergonomic support where it is needed.

The brushed steel frame is so robust that it can support a total weight of 250 kg.

The Bruno mattress

The Bruno mattress features a custom-engineered 7-zone speciality foam core (BrunoX® foam) and up to 2,750 micro springs. This premium combination ensures optimum precision-point elasticity and comfort. When tested for durability by the highly reputable German Technical Inspection Agency, the Bruno mattress scored 98 out of 100 points. The cover is padded using a natural cotton and polyester and is fully washable. The entire mattress is Oeko-tex certified.

The Bruno mattress is suitable for individuals who weigh between 50 kilograms and 110 kilograms. The weight specifications apply per person, the mattress holds a maximum of 220 kilograms in total. The 7-zone cold foam core moulds itself to the body of each sleeper, so it’s therefore not necessary to select a specific firmness level. The double bed models – 140 cm, 160 cm, and 180 cm – are designed for two people.

Since there are no official degrees of firmness (terms such as H2, H3 and H4 being freely applied by manufacturers), any classification of this kind is not really meaningful. However, if you take the market average into account, the Bruno mattress can be best described as medium-firm.

Yes, the cover can be removed using a zip that runs along four sides of the mattress and washed at 60 °C in a washing machine. Please follow the sewn-in care instructions. And yes, we also sell mattress covers separately. To order, please contact us by phone or by email.

Rotating your mattress: The mattress must be rotated 180° every 6 months, i.e., the head end to the foot end. You do not have to flip the mattress. The white part of the mattress will always be on top.
Daily ventilation: The mattress should be allowed to air out every day. You can do this by removing the duvet so that the entire mattress is exposed to fresh air allowing any moisture to escape.
Monthly ventilation: At least once a month, the mattress cover should be removed and turned inside out in order to allow air to circulate through the mattress core for at least 6 hours. This not only helps care for the mattress, but also improves general hygiene.

The Bruno mattress can be used with almost any slatted bed frame. In fact, expensive slatted frames, as often recommended by other mattress retailers, are not necessary. Even with simple roll-up slats, you'll have an excellent night's sleep on your Bruno mattress. The distance between the slats should be a maximum of 4-5 cm. If you have a dry room free from damp, you can even simply lay your Bruno mattress on the floor.

Yes, in theory this shouldn't be a problem. However, due to the height of the mattress (24 cm), it is less suitable for sharp angles (e.g., in a reading position). However, normal use (a bend angle of up to 45°) is no problem.

With a spring core height of 20 cm, the mattress offers comfort for people between 50 kg and 110 kg, corresponding to a total load of 220 kg.

The odour is the new smell of the foam in the mattress. It is best to let the mattress air out for 2-3 hours first, then the odour should have largely disappeared. It should disappear completely over the next few days.

The Bruno mattress topper

The mattress topper is perfectly designed to complement our mattress and serves as an ideal additional layer of comfort for those who prefer soft support. The high quality speciality foam with a volume weight of 45 kg/m³ makes it particularly durable.

Yes, we do have a special Bruno fitted sheet which includes the size of our mattress topper. Thanks to this tailored fit and the high-quality, all-round elastic, our fitted sheets are guaranteed to stay in place. You can find matching fitted sheets here.

If you want to use the sofa bed as a permanent sleep solution, we recommend that you also use the Bruno mattress Topper. It will make your sleeping experience even more pleasant.

The cover of the topper is made of a polyester-tencel (cellulose fibre mix), and the padding of the soft cover is made of a cotton-polyester mix. The flexible core is made of cold foam.

Thanks to the encircling zip, the cover is removable and washable at 40 °C.

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