The Bruno philosophy

At Bruno, we combine design, quality and
sleep technology with a commitment to sustainability.

The Bruno StoryFrom Mattress Start-Up to Online Sleep Furniture Company

Andreas Bauer & Felix Baer Spring

The unique Bruno mattress is created.


Bruno is founded: The mattress start-up from Berlin.


Expansion of our product range to include the Ottoman bed and the first showrooms in Germany open.


Creation of the Berlin metal bed and the Bruno sofa bed. bedding and the Bruno mattress topper are now also part of the product range.


The Bruno logo is re-branded and we won the German Design Award for the third time.


The Netherlands showroom opens.


From this point onwards, Bruno will only use sustainable packaging materials.

Tree Bark Accessories

One strong team!

At Bruno, it's the team that counts. It’s only by working together that we’re able to deliver an exceptional customer and product experience: From the design of each Bruno product, to collaboration with suppliers, from website design to customer service. It's the commitment of each and every individual that counts at Bruno, and each of our team members takes pride and responsibility in their own area of expertise.

Get to know our team:

Bruno’s community engagement

500 Trees

We are committed to sustainable environment and climate protection. That is why we are a climate protection partner of PLANT-MY-TREE®. Together we have planted 500 trees in an ecologically balanced mixed forest in Brandenburg, Germany


Sponsorship of
the Bear Sanctuary

The Bear Sanctuary Müritz in Germany is a conservation centre which cares for captive bears with great dedication and passion. Since the welfare of bears is close to our hearts, we have become a sponsor of this organisation.

Bear Sanctuary Müritz

5,000 Euros for
"die Arche"

The children's aid organisation ‘die Arche’ (The Ark) is committed to helping socially disadvantaged children in need and their parents. During its annual Christmas campaign, Bruno supported this valuable work by donating €5,000 to their dedicated team.

Die Arche