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Bruno Matratze mit offenem Bezug

5 stars



Rose Taylor, Southport

Not only the mattress and the topper are great, but also the fast and always friendly customer service from Bruno and the shipping company. Highly reccomend!

4,5 stars


Really comfrotable!

Chloe Duglas, Newport

The mattress is very comfortable. But I had already tested it out as my friends own it, so I knew that the quality was high. Just a half star reduction because the voucher codes did not work.

5 stars


Would buy again

Michelle Dickson, Whitby

From the order to the delivery to the quality, everything is just perfect.

5 stars


Great mattress

Victoria Clark, Sandbach

After much deliberation, we decided to buy the Bruno mattress. After a short time the mattress arrived and after the first night we knew that it was a very good decision. The mattress supports your back in the right places, there is no back pain or tension the next morning and actually you would rather stay in bed because it is so comfortable. Thank you for this great mattress, we will recommend it to our friends.

5 stars


4 months with the Bruno mattress

Christian Lewis, Salford

I have had this mattress for about 4 months and can only say it's great.
The back pain I always had early on with my old mattress is gone.
However, I had to get used to this mattress (soft) for a fortnight. But after this period of getting used to it, you wouldn't want to be without it.
There is nothing better for back and stomach sleepers.
It is also suitable for side sleepers, but could be a little softer in the shoulder area (for wide shoulders).
All in all, a very good mattress.
I can only recommend it.

4 stars


Our guests now also sleep on clouds too

Jo Hughes, London

We bought a Bruno bed about 2 years ago and still love it very much. Now we have also equipped all the beds in our holiday home with Bruno mattresses. Our guests sleep comfortably and think the Bruno beds are great.

5 stars


Absolutely recommend

Imogen Burns, Gloucester

The BRUNO mattress is my saviour. For years I had slept (badly) on a mattress that was far too hard without giving it a second thought. With BRUNO, I look forward to a good night's sleep again. I weigh 53 kg and the mattress is ideal for me - not too soft, but it gives nicely where I need it. Simply great! It lies on tatami mats, I have supplemented it with a pure wool topper and a blanket, it feels like being on cloud nine. The only thing that needs to be planned well is the delivery, but that is the problem today with the shipping companies, unfortunately the sender cannot influence that. You simply have to take the time and possibly a day off work to be at home so that it works out with a time window of over 6 hours and a driver who arrives already stressed out. You have to expect that and show some goodwill. You are rewarded with a great mattress at a fair price. A great deal!

4,5 stars


Very Good

Ellis Burgess, Surrey

After various high-priced sleeping options (waterbed, 40cm high box spring mattress, etc.), we can say after initial acclimatisation, it sleeps wonderfully. Not like sleeping on clouds but very comfortable with optimal support for the back. The mattress with topper and matching sheet is very well made and visually an eye-catcher. We have had the Bruno metal bed and the Bruno blankets and pillows for a long time and are also very satisfied with them.
So if you don't feel like searching the market for the perfect mattress, Bruno is a good choice and you won't regret it. Order and delivery within 3 days on time with very good arrangements. Excellent!

5 stars



Nathan Walton, Derby

Very good, comfortable mattress, the innersprings make it feel a bit like lying on a waterbed (only softer). Pleasant support for your back!

5 stars


Finally a better sleep

Liam Moore, Bedford

The delivery was made within 3 days and was in perfect condition. The description of the mattress with so many small springs sounded sensible to me, in order to have as much point elasticity as possible, especially in the shoulder area. I myself am only 166 tall and weigh 93 kg. Until now, I had the feeling that I was sinking too deeply into my old mattress, especially at the hips and had a constant feeling of pressure, and that I was not sinking in enough at the shoulders because I am a total side sleeper. The first 3 nights I tested without the Bruno topper and had the feeling that the mattress is soft and yet has very good support properties at the same time. With the topper it is even softer and I sleep much better with the new mattress. The neck and shoulder tension is much less, and I feel much more rested. I can recommend the mattress. Of course, I can't give an assessment of the mattress' longevity after just 2 months. I think the 30-day free trial period is very reasonable.

4 stars


Pleasant sleep

Mia Reid, Manchester

Super comfortable mattress with fast delivery. My girlfriend and I have been convinced by family members and have not been disappointed! Super good sleep experience

4,5 stars


soft sleep

Mary Jenkins, Liverpool

A family bed with different mattress firmness levels is not very supportive to sleep on. And so after 2 years in a crooked discomfort with children on the right and left. (Husband sleeps on the bed next door because there is no more room.) We decided to get the Bruno mattress and could not be happier with our choice. Also went for the topper too as we like a softer sleep.

5 stars


Great Service

Ian White, London

Even though I can't rate the mattress, I would still like to give a huge thumbs up for the fast and very friendly service. The mattress was returned for personal reasons. Logistically flawless process. Thank you very much!

5 stars


a comfortable sleep

Lee Miller, St Andrews

Already after the first few nights I got up without back pain!
I am very happy that the problem seems to have been solved.
The materials of the mattress were also important for my decision!

5 stars


Happy sleepers

Jan Waters, Cumbria

We are very satisfied and sleep excellently on the Bruno Mattress.

5 stars



Tom Burns, Cheshire

Very good, comfortable mattress, the spring cores make it feel a bit like lying on a waterbed (only softer). Pleasant support quality.

4,5 stars


Very Good

James Anderson, Liverpool

My wife, who weighs about 58 kg, had trouble sleeping on our old mattress. With the new mattress from Bruno, the sleeping problems have been gone for about 4 weeks. She is very satisfied with her mattress.

4 stars



Tobias Porter, Stevenage

The mattress is very comfortable to lie on. The exchange was also unproblematic thanks to the very courteous staff.

5 stars


Great mattress

Alex Munro, Loughborough

Better sleep and no back pain since the first night.

5 stars


Really satisfied

Karen Lowe, Derby

Would buy again!

5 stars


Class product

Alfie Bailey, Bournemouth

After 10 years on a mattress that was also very good, we decided to order a Bruno mattress because of the very good reviews. We were not disappointed. Neither too hard nor too soft. Wonderful comfort when sleeping, so you wake up refreshed and full of energy in the morning.
The shipping company also worked very well. They called about 1/2 hour in advance and the heavy mattress (180 x 200) was then carried upstairs with the topper.
We missed our bed whilst we were on holiday and looking forward to coming home to it!